Gear Care

Preserving your Onyx Avenue Gear

Who doesn’t love a great graphic t-shirt from a small shop? They’re comfy, cool, and creative. However, they won’t last forever. Over time, t-shirts become worn down and softened, which improves the feel of the fabric but may destroy the state of the screen-printed and heat pressed graphics. The design may begin to fade or crack, especially if it’s not cared for properly. 

Turn the Tees Inside Out. 

Friction causes the screen-printed design to loosen and flake, so always remember to turn your tees inside out before you wash them. 

Use the Gentle Cycle. 

By reducing the agitation of your washing machine, you will lessen the friction and prevent the washer from battering your tee’s design. If you have the option, it’s also best to use a washing machine without an agitator (found in top-loading washers), as agitators are known to be quite rough on clothes. Finally, if you’re willing, hand washing your t-shirt is the most gentle option of all. Yes, this takes time, but it’s a great way to preserve your favorite t-shirts.

Wash in Cold Water. 

Hot water can be very harsh on a soft t-shirt. Cracking also occurs when ink dries up, and hot water is more drying than cold. Cold water is ideal, but warm water is still better than hot.

Hang Dry. 

A dryer combines the two causes of cracking we’ve already discussed: friction and heat. Unless you’re really in a time crunch, don’t make the mistake of drying your beloved t-shirt in a machine. Always hang it up to dry, letting the air dry it very slowly and gently.

Wash Less Often. 

Many garments don’t need to be washed after every use. If your t-shirt isn’t stained, sweaty, smelly, or sticky after you wear it, don’t wash it. Simply hang it back up so that it is ready for its next day out. Washing and drying are the main culprits when it comes to cracks in a graphic tee, so limit them as much as you can.

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